Guide to Business Making: Business Loans


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Although I do not want to discourage you upfront in terms of starting a business, I have to be frank, it’s a lot of paperwork, so much so that some people choose to entrust the creation of their business. company to a third party, already used to all the formalities. However, I want to warn you of one thing, do not rush into such steps before being certain to be able to assume all the charges that are inherent in the possession of a company. Indeed, it costs money even if it does not necessarily work. Also, I propose to you today to see with me some points to take into account in this case.




A project before a business or the reverse?

A project before a business or the reverse?


In my opinion, the initiative to create a business must come from the presence of a project that you will take in hand. Many people think that once they start their business, they will definitely have projects to deal with and always find markets, and yet things do not always happen that way.

I recommend you today not to proceed with the steps of starting a business before having a viable project or even several. If you really need tax coordinates or an identification number, there are other solutions than to rush to the creation although it remains the best solution yet ..

It would be a mistake to hide the face, with us the charges are many and heavy for companies, regardless of the form chosen. There are many solutions that exist, but few choose them, especially when it comes to getting there.

I advise you to focus on the project, the market that you will exploit before starting the administrative steps . Some entrepreneurs start a business only when the project starts to work well and not before.

Although it is an essential formality to make your business legal, I advise you not to rush however. You will still be forced to start your business as soon as possible once business is good.

Choose a logo and the name of the company


Starting a business involves choosing a logo and a unique name. I advise you to start by choosing a name. It must be unique to differentiate itself from other companies that are in the same industry as you. Also, I advise you to work this point well.

You must take into account the fact that your name is the first thing one will remember from your company so you must choose something that is suitable for your business, easy to remember but not too commonplace. Everything is a matter of image and name, so it would be nice to take the time to take care of that before anything else.

It will also choose your logo , it is an element that will be an integral part of the image of your company. It is therefore essential to develop it properly; what I advise you is to opt for a simple logo, but not commonplace either. Opt for easy-to-remember shapes, eye-catching colors, but also a logo that can be easily paired with your products and brand.

It will then be necessary to check that logo and name are available since you can not duplicate that of another company. Once done, you can proceed to their registration so that they become your properties.

To register your name and your logo, you should contact the INPI or the National Institute of Industrial Property. For rates, a registration costs in the € 200.


Choose the legal status and take the steps for the creation of the company

Choose the legal status and take the steps for the creation of the company


The next step is choosing the legal status you want to give your business. Normally you will have to write them according to your situation. If you are the only one in your business to invest, you can choose a sole proprietorship.

On the other hand, if you have associates, who are part of the project in one way or another who want to be part of the company , you will have to choose the company status. With this last option, you still have the choice between different statuses depending on what you want.

Thus, you can choose between different legal statuses, differentiating you especially on the distribution of the shares, the value of the social capital and the responsibilities. Know how to make the right choice between: an SA, an LLC , a SAS and many more.

Once you have finished writing the legal statuses, it will be necessary to tackle the steps for the registration of your company with the chamber of commerce as well as the center of formalities of the companies and also with the national directory of the companies.

When everything is OK, you will need to receive a SIREN number for companies, an APE code and an identification number. From this point on, the creation of your business will be effective and you will need to publish a creative notice in a local newspaper.

Once it’s done, it will also choose insurance for your company , ensure your back is very important because you never know what can happen. Go also to declare your company with the various services like the post office for example.

There are some aids you can benefit from



You probably know that the burdens on companies are heavy, even more so when you start. I think that state aids can be a good idea in your case. The proposed tax breaks are designed to encourage the creation of a business.

One of these aids is the tax exemption on profits , especially for companies developing a commercial or artisanal industrial activity. During the first two years, the company can benefit from a 100% exemption, and this continues in the third year with 75% less.